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About MGC Websites

MGC Websites combine the up to date knowledge and experience of dedicated full time professionals with the low overheads of freelance workers.

Small businesses in need of a website are often faced with a difficult choice. Do they opt for a poor but affordable website made by a part time enthusiast, or a professional but expensive website made by a web design company. MGC Websites addresses this problem by combining the up to date knowledge and experience of dedicated full time professionals with the low overheads of freelance workers.

Chris Drew

MGC Websites is a trading name for freelance website designer Chris Drew who draws on his network of fellow IT professionals, designers, photographers, drone pilots and musicians to provide content and expertise when required. We deliver a high quality website that is also an affordable website. This is possible because the customer isn’t paying for sales teams, health and safety audits or a new settee for reception – just the time and expertise of the people who actually do the work.

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Commissioning a website should be more than just a box ticking exercise, the website must enhance and grow your business and that’s at the heart of every decision we make.

Advanced Technical Skills

Even expensive developers often just assemble ‘Frankenstein’ websites using off the self plugins, modules and themes, particularly if they have come from a design rather than programming background. This creates slow, clunky sites full of compromises. Here at MGC Websites we supplement best-in-class solutions with bespoke plugins, modules and themes that ensure your website is uniquely tailored to your needs. We are often sub contracted by other website developers to provide technical solutions.

Market Leading Technologies

Web Technologies

Website Development & Hosting

MGC Websites uses only proven, market leading technologies. Our sites are hosted on SSD equipped servers running the Linux OS, Apache web server and MySQL database. Sites are coded in PHP and SASS compiling to valid HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. In house we use Apple computers with Time Machine backup and source control is via git. We only use frameworks where there is a good reason to do so though jQuery is a productive addition to virtually any project.

Content Management Systems

We are proficient in the big three content management systems; WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal as well as Contribute (Dreamweaver). In the world of e-commerce systems we have experience of WooCommerce, Magento, X-Cart, Actinic and Opencart. We also build bespoke content management systems and cross-platform web applications.

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