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E-Commerce Websites From £500

Do you have an idea for an E-Commerce Website / Online Shop? The amount of money spent online continues to increase every year hitting around a billion pounds a week in the UK during 2016. There is still enormous growth potential as online only accounted for around 15% of UK retail sales that year. The most significant drivers for growth are the mobile devices that many users can barely put down. If you can reach these consumers via search or social media and tempt them to buy your products the size of your market becomes almost unlimited.

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We have set up many online shops over the years using a variety of platforms and currently favour WooCommerce for small sites, OpenCart for regular sites and Magneto for very large or more advanced implementations.

Online selling to consumers is arguably a crowded market so you need a unique product to succeed – or a heavy investment in Search Engine Optimisation and advertising. In our opinion the greatest opportunities are to be found in business to business sites where a lot of traditional businesses have failed to invest to take advantage of E-Commerce. Setting up a shop can be a lot of work and you are unlikely to succeed by simply importing the manufacturers images and descriptions. Because this area is so competitive we do not intend to elaborate and give away our knowledge for free! Just know that it takes a lot of ongoing work succeed in this ultra-competitive field.

Every web shop is unique so please contact MGC Websites Ltd to arrange a consultation and we will provide you with a free quote tailored to your businesses requirements.

WooCommerce - For Small E-Commerce Websites Opencart - For Medium E-Commerce Websites Magento - For Large E-Commerce Websites