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Facebook Page Tip #2 – Convert Post Likers to Page Likers!

Article by MGC Websites • published 16 October 2017 in the category Websites Explained
Get More Facebook Page Likes

Get More Facebook Page Likes

Popular Facebook Posts will receive Likes from accounts that haven’t yet Liked and Followed your Page. People who have engaged with one of your Posts are likely to Like and Follow your Facebook Page, if invited. This creates an opportunity to get more Facebook Page Likes by converting ‘Post Likers’ into ‘Page Likers’ and this article will show you how.

Step 1 – How to Find Your Facebook Page

How to access your Facebook Pages

How to access your Facebook Pages

Your Facebook Page is the best place to see all your Posts so open Facebook in any web browser and login. At the right of the blue bar at the top of the screen you will see a little white triangle – click it to open a menu.

The top section of the menu will be a list of your Pages. Click the name of the Page you want to manage (or click ‘See more…’ to access the full list of your pages if the one you need isn’t shown).

Step 2 – Open the Page Screen

Facebook Page Link

Facebook Page Menu Item

In the off white menu bar at the top of the screen click ‘Page’ (unless it is already underlined and therefore selected).

Step 3 – Open the Posts Tab

Facebook Posts Tab

Facebook Posts Tab

On the left of your page you’ll see a vertical list of links that Facebook calls the ‘tabs’. Find the tab labelled ‘Posts’ and click it.

Step 3 – Invite

Facebook Post Reactions

Facebook Post Reactions

Scroll to your most recent Post and below it you’ll find an area showing what Facebook calls the ‘Reactions’. Assuming there have been Likes you will see a link including some names next to a blue thumbs up icon (see picture). Click this link and a pop-up will appear listing the people who have reacted to your Post and allowing you to Invite them to Like your Page.

Tip You can repeat this process for every Post on your Page but you are likely to have the greatest success with the newest posts. People may respond to an invite to Like a Page shortly after they have engaged with one of it’s Posts but even a day later they may have forgotten all about it and assume the incoming request is unsolicited spam.

What Next?

If you found this tip useful check out our first tip in this series How to Invite your Facebook Friends to Like Your Page and be sure to Like the MGC Websites Ltd’s Facebook Page and we’ll let you know whenever we publish a new article.

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