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Increase Sales With Targeted Online Advertising

Done properly, online advertising is a cost effective way to reach a highly targeted audience of potential new customers. Done badly it can be pouring money down the drain particularly as some of the biggest platforms are currently turning a blind eye to fraudulent accounts on their network.

Choose an Online Advertising Platform

We can help you decide the best place(s) for your adverts to be shown. Choices include Google search results, Google Shopping, Facebook, Twitter and the millions of websites who participate in the Google Adsense network. If your business is part of a small community then listing on local directory sites can also be very beneficial to relevant traffic and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Advert Design

Text adverts perform very poorly and video files are annoying and slow to download so the vast majority of adverts will be graphical. MGC Websites Ltd can design your adverts in a range of the most popular of the standard advert sizes to suit the platform(s) they will appear on.

Launching Your Advertising Campaign Online

This seemingly simple task is where our experience comes in handy. Google Adwords can feel like an exercise in unnecessary complication and Facebooks system isn’t much better.

Monitoring Performance & ROI

The best thing about online advertising is the ability to measure results, especially if you have an online shop. We will arrange for a report to be regularly emailed to you giving you detailed data about the return on your advertising investment. MGC Websites Ltd will also ensure power users can access this data directly whenever they like.