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Online Reviews are a BIG DEAL

The Unfaithful Consumer Report published at the end of 2016, found that 48.3% of consumers used online reviews to help them decide where to shop. That’s more than used TV advertising (38.3%) or print adverts (37.4%). Just think what an advert on TV or in a national paper would cost you and yet you can have a greater level of influence with online reviews at no cost. Ready to learn more? You should be!

Gain Instant Credibility

We can say your product or service is wonderful but that’s just sales patter. We can include customer testimonials which visitors will find far more influential but they still know that the quotes were carefully picked and could have been faked. But if we link to reviews entered onto a platform like TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google then the user finally has evidence they can trust. This could easily be the difference between a potential new customer placing an order with you or moving on to check out your competitors.

Be Discovered By New Customers

In some cases review sites can be a place where users discover your business or service and therefore they generate new website visitors just like a traditional search engine. This can be particularly true of TripAdvisor where a user may well enter their search for a nearby restaurant into the TripAdvisor app rather than Google.

Get More Website Traffic

Not only do review sites link back to your own website sending you a new stream of users but positive reviews increase your exposure, and boost your websites ranking, in the search results

I hope I have convinced you that online reviews are a powerful tool that your business needs to embrace. MGC Websites Ltd can help you identify the best review site(s) for your business, set up your account(s) correctly and link them to your website. We know the number one fear is bad reviews and we are planning a blog post on how to deal with them – please check back soon.