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Promote Your Business Using Social Media

Whether you love social media or hate it your customers are using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn so a professional presence is vital. MGC Websites Ltd will help you identify the most relevant Social Networks for your business and customers, correctly configure your accounts, apply your brand identity and link back to your website.

Although review sites like Tripadvisor can also be considered Social Media, they are so important we have given them their own page here.

Creating Social Media Content

Once committed to a social media platform it is important to make regular updates. For some businesses updates may be daily, for others once or twice a month. We can help you come up with a suitable schedule and demonstrate tools that allow you to create the content when it suits you and schedule it’s publication for the optimum time. MGC Websites Ltd can provide you with training material to help you make best use of social media and even shoot and edit videos, interviews or podcasts.

Social Media as Website Content

Regularly updating multiple Social Media accounts takes time but you can get more ‘bang for your buck’ if some of that content feeds back into your website. For example we may embed your latest Tweet or YouTube Video on your home page, build a completely automated picture gallery populated by your Instagram account or a news page featuring a combination of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updates. Using these techniques MGC Websites Ltd can help you keep your website content fresh and up to date potentially using little more than the Social Media Apps on your smartphone.

Optimising Your Website for Social Media

Your website should form an online hub connected to all your social media and online review accounts. This way we help search engines like Google understand that your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube Channel, TripAdvisor reviews, etc all refer to the same business. The bigger and more active your online footprint is the more important and relevant Google is likely to deem your business so it’s important nothing is missed.

We can also encourage users to share your websites content via their own Social Media accounts by including sharing buttons (our bespoke implementations avoid the speed and privacy issues that come with the various free plugins). Crucially we also add code to your website to ensure when your content is shared it looks professional with an attractive image and appropriate call to action, not just the first image and text that happen to be on the page.