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Updating Lancelot’s Retreat

Article by MGC Websites • published 17 September 2018 in the category Websites Explained
Lancelot's Retreat Rewrite

Lancelot’s Retreat Rewrite

The latest website from the Bowhunter Websites portfolio to receive a quick update is Lancelot’s Retreat, a self catering bungalow in Mablethorpe. Following the now familiar pattern the customer needed a few updates and some new photo’s and we decided to give the site a spring clean at the same time.

Lancelot's Retreat - Before Update

Lancelot’s Retreat – Before Update

Lancelot's Retreat - After Update

Lancelot’s Retreat – After Update

Content Changes

Firstly I took all new photo’s which, after a bit of digital processing, show off this immaculately presented cottage very well. The content just needed a little tweaking and rearranging to make the site easier and more intuitive to navigate. It’s important to keep content in logical groupings both for ease of use and as good practice for search engine optimisation. A new green ‘call to action’ button replaces the plain text links and leaves the visitor in doubt about what to do if they want to book.

Technical Improvements

Though there are some more improvements that could be made, for the purpose of our ‘spring clean’ I simply tidied up the (hand written) code, made the embedded map Mobile Friendly, removed a lot of redundant files and added a contact form.


The site has had a worthwhile tidy up and we have a few idea’s going forwards to develop it further. The Google Business listing has also been corrected which was a long running problem. I also used the new pictures and my better understanding of the business to update their entry on the Mablethorpe Website, The customer is very pleased and I’m sure the more user friendly site coupled with the professional photo’s will garner a few extra bookings as we start the off season.

Visit the website for Lancelot’s Retreat.