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Updating the Leicester Guest House

Article by MGC Websites • published 12 September 2018 in the category Websites Explained
Updating the Leicester Guest House

Updating the Leicester Guest House

Another website from the Bowhunter portfolio -this time the customer just needed some updated photo’s and to advertise their out of season discounts.
Once I started working on the site I could see so many opportunities for ‘easy win’ improvements I couldn’t resist fixing a few things at the same time.

Leicester Guest House Update - Before

Leicester Guest House Update – Before

Leicester Guest House Update - After

Leicester Guest House Update – After

Easy Win Cosmetic Updates

A few colour changes (to match their current brochure) and a bit of attention to the use of blank space makes a big difference to the overall look with very little effort. New pictures also make a big difference but this is a work in progress as we wait for rooms and apartments to be vacant before we can photo them.

Content Updates

No new content has been added but a lot of duplicated content has been removed which allows the information important to each area of the site to take centre stage rather than being buried in ‘noise’. Some new content is required now that this ‘filler’ has been removed and I will work with the client to produce it.

A complication is that the site advertises both bed and breakfast accommodation and self catering apartments and I have tried to get this across clearly with changes in the header tag line, menu and home page layout.

Finally I also added a breadcrumb to the B&B and Self Catering sections to show the hierarchy (e.g. that the double room page is a child of the B&B page) and to help users quickly and easily compare the different types of accommodation in each category.

Leicester Guest House Breadcrumb


Technical Improvements

Behind the scenes the code was simplified greatly – it’s common for me to reduce others code by half by applying my technical knowledge and experience. The result is a faster website that will engage customers for longer and rank higher in Google. The clean code is also far easier to maintain and update going forwards.

Similarly the images where optimised which typically reduces the file size by around 80% – the savings here are very significant and earns the site another tick from Google.


This site could still be improved in several areas but by tackling the job in manageable chunks as and when other updates are required we present a continually improving the site to both customers and search engines. This approach also spreads the cost for the client and breaks the work into manageable chunks that are easier to fit into my schedule.

Visit the Leicester Guest House website.