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Updating The Railway Tavern Website

Article by MGC Websites • published 30 May 2018 in the category Websites Explained
The Railway Tavern Website Updates

The Railway Tavern Website Updates

My last post was about the total redesign of the Charnwood Tavern website which was had been very neglected – not surprising as the business had been shut down for a period. This time I have been working on another site from the Bowhunter Websites portfolio – the Railway Tavern which was in much better shape. The customer just wanted some routine updates to the content but we also took the opportunity to make some simple but effective improvements at the same time.

The Railway Tavern Update Before

Before the update

The Railway Tavern Update After

After the update

In Good Shape

Technically this hand written site didn’t have any real problems though, as ever, I was able to find places where I could make a few improvements – to make it faster and appear properly when shared on social media for example. There was a reasonable amount of content which just required a little re-organisation to remove duplication and ensure that each page stuck to it’s theme. So that left the visual design which I realised could be given a relatively quick polish without the expense of a complete overhaul.

The trick was to get a better copy of the logo and use it’s colours throughout the site replacing the previous scheme which used a large number of unrelated colours. Minor tweaks to things like the spacing between letters and lines of text or around pictures give a more polished appearance, even if some of the individual changes are only recognised subconsciously. Keeping image sizes appropriate and consistent also made the site look far more professional for very little effort and some of the images where ‘Photo Shopped’ to improve their appearance at the same time.

You can see the site at They’ve just won ‘Best Place to Eat 2018’ in the East Lindsey Business Awards and ‘Camra Country Pub of Year 2018’ so be sure to pay them a visit.

An Example of Good Website Design (it’s not just about the bits you can see)

It’s worth understanding that, due to the simple design, this website scores a whopping 93% in Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Users spend more time on fast websites which Google also rewards with better search engine rankings. If you want your website to bring your business more customers (so many web designers lose site of this goal) this site now demonstrates a good balance. Previously the visual design hadn’t had enough attention and didn’t reflect the quality of the business – this update addresses those problems without the site becoming ‘over designed’ which, by slowing it down, would lead to it receiving fewer visitors who would look at fewer pages before leaving.

Sometimes a little polishing is all that is required!