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Advanced Websites & Web Apps

This section covers Web Apps, the bespoke systems that go beyond the ‘brochure website’ to provide significant levels of functionality whether operating as one or more databases/directories or as a replacement for traditional desktop software.

Thanks to recent technologies it’s now possible to replace many of the programs, databases and apps installed on our devices with sophisticated, cloud based, websites known as Non-Native Apps or Web Apps. A Web App uses website technology so will run in any modern website browser on any device as opposed to a Native App that only runs within the operating it was built for e.g. Windows, Mac OSX, Android etc.

Bryce Tutorials

Bryce Tutorials

Bryce Tutorials is a directory of resources for the 3D landscaping and rendering software Bryce 3D.

Established in 2012 the site has become the go to resource for members of the Bryce community and generates revenue for it’s owners via affiliate links to Bryce’s many paid add-ons.

The site has a lot of un-tapped potential and is ripe for further development!

Cinema Booking System Web App

The Cinema Booking System Web App

The Cinema Booking System allows cinema staff to import current and upcoming films and enter the details of their screenings. The system integrates with a touch screen, receipt printer, till draw and customer facing display to allow for tickets to be sold at point of sale. Bookings can be made by staff using the system as well as by customers thanks to our integration with The system also feeds the cinemas public facing website so it is always up to date and requires no human input.

Click to visit 'The Best Lap App' Web App

The Best Lap App Web App

A fun Web App for a group of gamers (the “TooOld4Games Crew”) who like to build and race on their own tracks. With no ability in the game to keep track of lap records the crew had resorted to writing times down before updating a spreadsheet and distributing it by email.

The Best Lap App demonstrates the modern solution to this problem. The data is stored ‘in the cloud’ and published on the internet allowing crew members to access the up to date information from any web browser. A secure login allows nominated crew members to add new lap times.

As there is very little time between races to record the new times the user interface was designed to require minimal input. Behind the scenes the Web App uses plenty of AJAX to quickly update key data without having to reload the web page.

The simple but unique nature of the Web App meant it was most efficiently created using a bespoke CMS which also enabled us to keep it super lightweight and fast. The Crew are delighted with The Best Lap App and already planning future additions.

The Society for Stroytelling Homepage

The Society For Storytelling Website

The Society for Storytelling is an advanced website that promotes Storytelling Clubs, news, events and practitioners within the UK. Paid up members can submit events and advertise their services via the Storyteller Directory. The site is moderated and maintained by a team of volunteers.

We were asked to fix this flawed implementation of Drupal which was filling up with malicious user accounts and content whilst also going offline for several hours every day. Having completed the ‘rescue’ job we are now working with the SfS to bring the site up to our high standards as and when funds allow.

Click to visit the Website Surfcam Directory Website is a directory of webcams placed around the coast of the UK and Ireland to observe the surfing conditions. This allows surfers who live inland to access real time visual guides to the surf conditions in their area rather than risk driving to the coast only to find the sea is flat.

This advanced website has proved popular and the income it generates through advertising has paid for it’s initial purchase and redevelopment many times over. It runs on a unique CMS written by MGC Websites Ltd specifically for the site so is extremely easy to maintain and extended when required.