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WordPress Management Service

Article by MGC Websites • published 26 June 2017 in the category Websites Explained

Save time and money – let us automate your WordPress management

WordPress Management Service

Our mission at MGC Websites Ltd is to bring the high levels of service normally only available to big businesses to all our customers, no matter how small. To achieve this we readily invest in the latest tools and services keeping our operations as efficient as possible. Our systems for managing the WordPress websites we host have become so comprehensive and effective we have decided to offer WordPress Management as a service in it’s own right.

What’s Included in the MGC WordPress Management Service?

The service primarily solves the problem of protecting the investment you have made in your website. We ensure your site is up to date, secure and remotely backed up should the worst happen. As a secondary function, your websites ‘vital signs’ are also monitored. This allows problems to be quickly identified without the need to login to your site and various other services to perform a daily check.

  • Automated Backups run to a schedule appropriate for your website. Your files and database are copied to enterprise level cloud based storage.
  • Uptime Monitor checks your site is live every 5 minutes and sends alerts should it become unavailable so we can investigate the issue.
  • WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates are monitored and quickly applied to keep your site up to date and safe from hackers.
  • Broken Links are automatically detected so erroneous or outdated links (link rot) can be quickly fixed protecting the user experience.
  • Security Issues are highlighted in our dashboard so we can see which sites need work BEFORE there is a problem.
  • Site Speed reports can be viewed for each site to quickly identify problem pages/areas.
  • Database Maintenance is run monthly to keep sites fast and efficient.

Don’t Wait for a Disaster – Act Now!

All of the above is included as part of our website hosting service. For the first time we are making it available to businesses who prefer to host and maintain their own website for just £60 a year. Don’t wait for a disaster to occur before you act – contact MGC Websites Ltd today to keep your site up to date, secure and free of problems.