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WordPress Websites & Brochure Websites From £395

Websites that promote a business are often referred to as ‘Brochure Websites’. Though they should be more than just a copy of your brochure! Ours will typically be a WordPress Website with a bespoke theme to deliver high performance and unique functionality. Our bespoke plugins enable our customers to safely and easily update information without compromising the website’s cosmetics or code.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) ideally suited to small to Brochure Websites and Blogs. It is the most popular CMS on the internet accounting for around 40% of all CMS based websites. WordPress’ nearest competitor is Drupal which accounts for just 8%.

WordPress’ ease of use coupled with the availability of free themes and plugins make it very easy for an amateur to build a bad website (and charge good money for doing so!). This sometimes reflects badly on WordPress but when used by a professional developer it is an excellent and productive platform for creating fast, search engine friendly, user update-able Brochure Websites.

WordPress Website Theme Development

WordPress Themes control the look of a website and how it responds to different screen sizes. They also have a big impact on the speed of the site and how well it communicates with Search Engines and Social Media platforms. Off the shelf themes have to be all things to all people making them bloated, slow and hard to maintain. Our bespoke themes are fast, mobile friendly, easy for us to work on and optimised for search engine performance.

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress allows the customer to update their own website. Given free reign though they are likely to compromise the sites cosmetics and search engine performance. With our advanced programming skills MGC Websites Ltd is able to offer a better way through the use of bespoke WordPress Plugins. These empower the customer to easily and safely edit frequently updated information. The plugin then incorporates the data into the website ensuring perfect cosmetic presentation alongside hidden code that enables maximum exposure via Google etc.

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WordPress development is our speciality. With years of experience we can ensure your WordPress Website is easy to keep up to date and provides the information your customer is looking for. Behind the scenes the code will work on all modern devices and deliver good visibility in the search engine results. Every site is unique so please contact MGC Websites Ltd to arrange a consultation so we can provide you with a free quote tailored to your business requirements.